ARMAK Geared Piston Air Motors

A new and superior technology - contact free running
long operating life  - reliable and lowest maintenance

ARMAK Geared Piston Air Motors are in production in 2 to 16 kW versions.


ARMAK air motor with lever control valve
ARMAK air motor with lever control valve

The torque is developed by one rotating piston and is transferred to the output shaft by a synchronising gear train. On this output shaft is mounted the sealing rotor. Both components are rotating without physical contact and with an extremely small air gap for high motor efficiency.This frictionless operation results in long maintenance free operation without downtime.

The totally closed motor housing without breather holes permits applications in wet or dirty surroundings without danger of corrosion in the motor. ARMAK Geared Piston Air Motors are the ideal drive system for all arduous, difficult and long life applications, in particular when combined with the new ARMAK control valves.

The new technology, reduced operating costs and better performance are arguments in favour of ARMAK Motors - besides a short delivery time.

Technical details and product advantages:

  • non vibrating
  • frictionless torque producing motor parts
  • resulting in long and maintenance free lifetime
  • completely enclosed motor casing
  • therefore no internal corrosion and no internal oil sump
  • compact design and freedom of installation
  • perfect control with ARMAK lever / remote control valves
  • reduced air consumption
  • large usable speed range and high start torque
  • metric flange and shaft according IEC standard

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